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Absea Biotechnology, established in 2001 and headquartered in Beijing (China), is a biotech company specialising in the production of antibodies. They provide antibody reagents and custom antibody services for academic and industrial research purposes to the global community. In 2009 they set up the ISO9001 quality management system.

Management Team

Dr Wei Zhang - the Chairman and Managing Director of Absea Biotechnology

Dr Zhang recieved his PhD from the University of Cambridge and subsequently worked as a research associate at the the Molecular Immunopathology Unit (MRC Centre, Cambridge) before returning to China and establishing Absea Biotechnology. Dr Zhang also holds the position of senior research scientist at the Department of Immunology (Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing).

Professor Frank Grosveld - Board Member

Frank is a Professor of Cell Biology and Genetics (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam) and has been awarded the Louis-Jeantet Prize (1991) and the Spinoza Prize (1995) for his contributions to the field of gene expression. In addition to his role at Absea Biotechnology he is also a founding board member of Harbour Antibodies BV.

Featured Products

Anti-APC Protein Antibody (030903E07)

Anti-CD89 Antibody (010007C01)

Anti-CBFA2T2 (MTGR1) Antibody (030814B06)

Anti-CD89 Antibody (010008A01)

Anti-CHTOP (FOP) Antibody (110207C04)


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