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NF-kappa B Pathway - Antibody Supply Service

Pathway description:

NF-Kappa B (Nuclear Factor-Kappa B) is a heterodimeric protein composed of different combinations of members of the Rel family of transcription factors. The Rel/ NF-Kappa B family of transcription factors are involved mainly in stress-induced, immune, and inflammatory responses. In addition, these molecules play important roles during the development of certain hemopoietic cells, keratinocytes, and lymphoid organ structures. NF-Kappa B is also an important regulator in cell fate decision, such as programmed cell death and proliferation controlled, and is critical in tumorigenesis. NF-Kappa B is composed of homo- and heterodimers of five members of the Rel family including NF-Kappa B1, NF-Kappa B2,RelA,RelB,and c-Rel. NF-Kappa B can be activated by exposure of cells to LPS or inflammatory cytokines such as TNF or IL-1,growth factors, lymphokines, oxidant-free radical, inhaled particles, viral infection or expression of certain viral or bacterial gene products, UV irradiation, B or T-cell activation, and by other physiological and non physiological stimulin.


Article reproduced from Signalway Antibody