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Cancer Biomarkers - Antibody Supply Service

Cancer biomarkers are substances that indicate tumor state, progression characteristics, and response to therapies. Most cancer biomarkers are transcription factors, cell surface receptors, or secreted proteins that are produced by either cancer cells or other cells in response to cancer. They are present in tumor tissues or body fluids. Cancer biomarkers can be used for screening the general population, for differential diagnosis in symptomatic patients, and for clinical staging of cancer. Additionally, cancer biomarkers can be used to estimate tumor volume, to evaluate response to treatment, to assess disease recurrence through monitoring, or as prognostic indicators of disease progression. During the last decade, improved understanding of carcinogenesis and tumor progression has revealed a large number of potential cancer markers. It is predicted that even more will be discovered in the near future with the application of the new emerging genomics and proteomics technologies.


Article reproduced from Signalway Antibody