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Anti-IDO1 Antibody

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Name: Anti-IDO1 Antibody
Description: Rabbit polyclonal antibody to IDO1.
Applications: WB
Dilutions: WB 1:500 - 1:2000
Reactivity: Human
Immunogen: Recombinant protein of human IDO1
Protein Length: 403
Host: Rabbit
Clonality: Polyclonal
Isotype: IgG
Purification: Affinity purification
Formulation: PBS with 0.02% sodium azide, 50% glycerol, pH7.3.
Storage: Store at -20℃. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles.

Target (Information from UniProt)
Function: Catalyzes the first and rate limiting step of the catabolism of the essential amino acid tryptophan along the kynurenine pathway (PubMed:17671174). Involved in the peripheral immune tolerance, contributing to maintain homeostasis by preventing autoimmunity or immunopathology that would result from uncontrolled and overreacting immune responses (PubMed:25691885). Tryptophan shortage inhibits T lymphocytes division and accumulation of tryptophan catabolites induces T-cell apoptosis and differentiation of regulatory T-cells (PubMed:25691885). Acts as a suppressor of anti-tumor immunity (PubMed:23103127, PubMed:25157255, PubMed:14502282, PubMed:25691885). Limits the growth of intracellular pathogens by depriving tryptophan (PubMed:25691885). Protects the fetus from maternal immune rejection (PubMed:25691885).
Tissue Specificity: Expressed in mature dendritic cells located in lymphoid organs (including lymph nodes, spleen, tonsils, Peyers's patches, the gut lamina propria, and the thymic medulla), in some epithelial cells of the female genital tract, as well as in endothelial cells of term placenta and in lung parenchyma (PubMed:25691885). Weakly or not expressed in most normal tissues, but mostly inducible in most tissues (PubMed:25691885). Expressed in more than 50% of tumors, either by tumoral, stromal, or endothelial cells (expression in tumor is associated with a worse clinical outcome) (PubMed:18418598). Not overexpressed in tumor-draining lymph nodes (PubMed:26155395, PubMed:25691885).
Sequence Similarities: Belongs to the indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase family.
Cellular Location: Cytoplasm > Cytosol.
UniProt: P14902
Gene ID: 3620
Synonyms: 3-dioxygenase Antibody
I23O1_HUMAN Antibody
IDO Antibody
IDO 1 Antibody
IDO-1 Antibody
INDO Antibody
indolamine 2,3 dioxygenase Antibody
Indole 2 3 dioxygenase Antibody
indoleamine 2 3 dioxygenase Antibody
indoleamine 2 3 dioxygenase 1 Antibody
Indoleamine 2, 3-dioxygenase Antibody
Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase 1 Antibody
Indoleamine pyrrole 2 3 dioxygenase Antibody
Indoleamine-pyrrole 2 Antibody

Western Blot - Anti-IDO1 Antibody from ABclonal (A1614) - Antibody Supply Service
Western blot analysis of extracts of various cells, using IDO1 antibody.

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