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Anti-EMB Antibody

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Name: Anti-EMB Antibody
Description: Rabbit polyclonal antibody to EMB.
Applications: WB
Dilutions: WB 1:500 - 1:2000
Reactivity: Human
Immunogen: Recombinant protein of human EMB
Protein Length: 327
Host: Rabbit
Clonality: Polyclonal
Isotype: IgG
Purification: Affinity purification
Formulation: PBS with 0.02% sodium azide, 50% glycerol, pH7.3.
Storage: Store at -20℃. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles.

Target (Information from UniProt)
Function: Plays a role in the outgrowth of motoneurons and in the formation of neuromuscular junctions. Following muscle denervation, promotes nerve terminal sprouting and the formation of additional acetylcholine receptor clusters at synaptic sites without affecting terminal Schwann cell number or morphology. Delays the retraction of terminal sprouts following re-innervation of denervated endplates. May play a role in targeting the monocarboxylate transporters SLC16A1 and SLC16A7 to the cell membrane (By similarity).
Cellular Location: Cell membrane. Cell junction > Synapse.

Localizes to the neuromuscular junctions.
UniProt: Q6PCB8
Gene ID: 133418
Synonyms: Brain 5 Antibody
Brain specific homeobox/POU domain protein 5 Antibody
Brn 5 Antibody
Brn 5 protein Antibody
BRN5 Antibody
Chromosome region maintenance 1 protein homolog Antibody
CRM 1 Antibody
CRM1 Antibody
CRM1 homolog Antibody
CRM1 [EPR14124] Antibody
DKFZp686B1823 Antibody
Embigin Antibody
Embigin homolog Antibody
Embigin homolog (mouse) Antibody
EMB_HUMAN Antibody
Exp 1 Antibody
Exp1 Antibody
Exportin 1 Antibody
Exportin-1 Antibody
Exportin1 Antibody
MGC71745 Antibody
MPOU Antibody
mPOU homeobox protein Antibody
OTTHUMP00000161812 Antibody
OTTHUMP00000221477 Antibody
OTTHUMP00000221478 Antibody
OTTHUMP00000221479 Antibody
POU class 6 homeobox 1 Antibody
POU domain class 6 transcription factor 1 Antibody
POU6F1 Antibody
TCFB1 Antibody
XPO 1 Antibody
xpo1 Antibody
XPO1_HUMAN Antibody

Western Blot - Anti-EMB Antibody from ABclonal (A10423) - Antibody Supply Service
Western blot analysis of extracts of various cell lines, using EMB antibody.

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