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Anti-CBFA2T2 (MTGR1) Antibody

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Name: Anti-CBFA2T2 (MTGR1) Antibody
Description: Rat monoclonal (KT42) antibody to CBFA2T2 (MTGR1).
Applications: WB, IP
Reactivity: Mouse
Immunogen: MTGR1 peptide couple to carrier protein.
Host: Rat
Clonality: Monoclonal
Clone: KT42
Isotype: IgG2c
Conjugate: Unconjugated
Purification: Antibody is purified from culture supernatant using a protein A column.
Concentration: 1 mg/ml in PBS containing 0.09% sodium azide as a preservative.
Storage: 4 °C for 1 month, -20 °C or -80°C in aliquots. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.

Target (Information from UniProt)
Function: Transcriptional corepressor which facilitates transcriptional repression via its association with DNA-binding transcription factors and recruitment of other corepressors and histone-modifying enzymes. Via association with PRDM14 is involved in regulation of embryonic stem cell (ESC) pluripotency. Involved in primordial germ cell (PCG) formation (PubMed:27281218). Stabilizes PRDM14 and OCT4 on chromatin in a homooligomerization-dependent mannerCan repress the expression of MMP7 in a ZBTB33-dependent manner (By similarity). Through heteromerization with CBFA2T3/MTG16 may be involved in regulation of the proliferation and the differentiation of erythroid progenitors by repressing the expression of TAL1 target genes (PubMed:19799863). Required for the maintenance of the secretory cell lineage in the small intestine (PubMed:16227606). Can inhibit Notch signaling probably by association with RBPJ and may be involved in GFI1-mediated Paneth cell differentiation (PubMed:25398765).
Tissue Specificity: Expressed in embryonic stem cells.
Sequence Similarities: Belongs to the CBFA2T family.
Cellular Location: Nucleus.
UniProt: O70374
Gene ID: 12396
Synonyms: AML1 MTG8 Antibody
Core binding factor runt domain alpha subunit 2 translocated to 2 Antibody
core-binding factor, runt domain, alpha subunit 2 Antibody
DKFZp313F2116 Antibody
EHT Antibody
ETO homolog on chromosome 20 Antibody
ETO homologous on chromosome 20 Antibody
MTG 8 like protein Antibody
MTG 8 related protein 1 Antibody
MTG8 like protein Antibody
MTG8 related protein 1 Antibody
MTG8-like protein Antibody
MTG8-related protein 1 Antibody
MTG8R_HUMAN Antibody
MTGR 1 Antibody
MTGR1 Antibody
Myeloid translocation gene related protein 1 Antibody
Myeloid translocation related protein 1 Antibody
Myeloid translocation-related protein 1 Antibody
p85 Antibody
Protein CBFA2T2 Antibody
ZMYND 3 Antibody
ZMYND3 Antibody

Product Citations

Maffini S et al. Motor-independent targeting of CLASPs to kinetochores by CENP-E promotes microtubule turnover and poleward flux. Curr. Biol. 19(18): 1566-1572 (2009)

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