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Anti-DcR2 Antibody

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Name: Anti-DcR2 Antibody
Description: Rabbit polyclonal antibody to DcR2.
Applications: WB, FC
Dilutions: WB 1:500 - 1:2000, FC 1:20 - 1:50
Reactivity: Human
Immunogen: A synthetic peptide of human TNFRSF10D
Protein Length: 386
Host: Rabbit
Clonality: Polyclonal
Isotype: IgG
Purification: Affinity purification
Formulation: PBS with 0.02% sodium azide, 50% glycerol, pH7.3.
Storage: Store at 4℃. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles.

Target (Information from UniProt)
Function: Receptor for the cytotoxic ligand TRAIL. Contains a truncated death domain and hence is not capable of inducing apoptosis but protects against TRAIL-mediated apoptosis. Reports are contradictory with regards to its ability to induce the NF-kappa-B pathway. According to PubMed:9382840, it cannot but according to PubMed:9430226, it can induce the NF-kappa-B pathway.
Tissue Specificity: Widely expressed, in particular in fetal kidney, lung and liver, and in adult testis and liver. Also expressed in peripheral blood leukocytes, colon and small intestine, ovary, prostate, thymus, spleen, pancreas, kidney, lung, placenta and heart.
Cellular Location: Membrane.
UniProt: Q9UBN6
Gene ID: 8793
Synonyms: BN 1 Antibody
BN1 Antibody
C C chemokine receptor type 6 Antibody
C C CKR 6 Antibody
C-C chemokine receptor type 6 Antibody
C-C CKR-6 Antibody
CC chemokine receptor type 6 Antibody
CC CKR 6 Antibody
CC R6 Antibody
CC-CKR-6 Antibody
CCCKR6 Antibody
CCR 6 Antibody
CCR-6 Antibody
CCR6 Antibody
CCR6_HUMAN Antibody
CD 196 Antibody
CD 264 Antibody
CD196 Antibody
CD196 antigen Antibody
CD264 Antibody
Chemokine (C C motif) receptor 6 Antibody
Chemokine (C C) receptor 6 Antibody
Chemokine (CC motif) receptor 6 Antibody
Chemokine (CC) receptor 6 Antibody
Chemokine receptor 6 Antibody
Chemokine receptor like 3 Antibody
Chemokine receptor-like 3 Antibody
CKR 6 Antibody
CKR L3 Antibody
CKR-L3 Antibody
CKR6 Antibody
CKRL3 Antibody
CMKBR 6 Antibody
CMKBR6 Antibody
DCR 2 Antibody
Dcr 2 / Dicer 2 Antibody
Decoy receptor 2 Antibody
Decoy with truncated death domain Antibody
Dicer Antibody
Dicer2 Antibody
DRY 6 Antibody
DRY6 Antibody
G protein coupled receptor 29 Antibody
G-protein coupled receptor 29 Antibody
GPR 29 Antibody
GPR CY4 Antibody
GPR-CY4 Antibody
GPR29 Antibody
GPRCY 4 Antibody
GPRCY4 Antibody
LARC receptor Antibody
OTTHUMP00000123528 Antibody
Seven transmembrane receptor lymphocyte 22 Antibody
STRL 22 Antibody
STRL22 Antibody
TNF receptor related receptor for TRAIL Antibody
TNF related apoptosis inducing ligand receptor 4 Antibody
TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand receptor 4 Antibody
TNFRSF 10D Antibody
TNFRSF10D Antibody
TR10D_HUMAN Antibody
TRAIL R4 Antibody
TRAIL receptor 4 Antibody
TRAIL receptor with a truncated death domain Antibody
TRAIL-R4 Antibody
TRAILR4 Antibody
TRUNDD Antibody
Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 10D Antibody
Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily, member 10d, decoy with truncated death domain Antibody

Western Blot - Anti-DcR2 Antibody from ABclonal (A0184) - Antibody Supply Service
Western blot analysis of extracts of A549 cell line, using TNFRSF10D antibody.

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