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Anti-Inhibin alpha Antibody (FITC)

Name: Anti-Inhibin alpha Antibody (FITC)
Description: Rabbit polyclonal antibody to Inhibin alpha (FITC)
Applications: CM, ELISA, ICC, IF, IHC, WB
Dilutions: DB: 1:20,000; ELISA: 1:20,000; Immunocytochemistry: 1:200; Immunofluorescence: 1:200; Immunohistochemistry: 1:200; Western Blot: 1:500
Reactivity: Human, 85% homology with mouse protein
Immunogen: Synthetic peptide taken within amino acid region 220-270 on human alpha Inhibin.
Host: Rabbit
Clonality: Polyclonal
Isotype: IgG
Conjugate: FITC
Concentration: 0 .50 µg/µl in antibody stabilization buffer
Storage: -20⁰C for long term storage

Target (Information from UniProt)
Function: Inhibins and activins inhibit and activate, respectively, the secretion of follitropin by the pituitary gland. Inhibins/activins are involved in regulating a number of diverse functions such as hypothalamic and pituitary hormone secretion, gonadal hormone secretion, germ cell development and maturation, erythroid differentiation, insulin secretion, nerve cell survival, embryonic axial development or bone growth, depending on their subunit composition. Inhibins appear to oppose the functions of activins.
Tissue Specificity: Originally found in ovary (granulosa cells) and testis (Sertoli cells), but widely distributed in many tissues including brain and placenta. In adrenal cortex expression is limited to the zona reticularis and the innermost zona fasciculata in the normal gland, extending centripetally into the zona fasciculata in hyperplasia. Also found in adrenocortical tumors. Also expressed in prostate epithelium of benign prostatic hyperplasia, in regions of basal cell hyperplasia and in nonmalignant regions of high grade prostate cancer. Only circulating inhibin B is found in male, whereas circulating inhibins A and B are found in female.
Sequence Similarities: Belongs to the TGF-beta family.
Post-Translational Modification: Proteolytic processing yields a number of bioactive forms. The 20/23 kDa forms consist solely of the mature alpha chain, the 26/29 kDa forms consist of the most N-terminal propeptide linked through a disulfide bond to the mature alpha chain, the 50/53 kDa forms encompass the entire proprotein. Each type can be furthermore either mono- or diglycosylated, causing the mass difference.
Cellular Location: Secreted.
UniProt: P05111
Synonyms: A inhibin subunit Antibody
A inhibin subunit precursor Antibody
AW55578 Antibody
IHA Antibody
inhA Antibody
Inhibin alpha chain Antibody
Inhibin alpha chain precursor Antibody
Inhibin alpha subunit Antibody

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