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Anti-C6orf150 Antibody (Biotin)

Name: Anti-C6orf150 Antibody (Biotin)
Description: Rabbit polyclonal antibody to C6orf150 (Biotin)
Applications: ELISA, IHC, IP, WB
Dilutions: DB: 1:10,000; ELISA: 1:10,000; Immunoprecipitation: 1:150; Immunoprecipitation: 1:150; Western Blot: 1:500
Reactivity: Mouse, Rat
Immunogen: Synthetic peptide taken within amino acid region 450-500 on mouse cGAS protein.
Host: Rabbit
Clonality: Polyclonal
Isotype: IgG
Conjugate: Biotin
Concentration: 0. 60 µg/µl in antibody stabilization buffer
Storage: -20⁰C for long term storage

Target (Information from UniProt)
Function: Nucleotidyltransferase that catalyzes the formation of cyclic GMP-AMP (cGAMP) from ATP and GTP. Catalysis involves both the formation of a 2',5' phosphodiester linkage at the GpA step and the formation of a 3',5' phosphodiester linkage at the ApG step, producing c[G(2',5')pA(3',5')p] (PubMed:23258413, PubMed:23647843, PubMed:23722158, PubMed:26829768). Has antiviral activity by acting as a key cytosolic DNA sensor, the presence of double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) in the cytoplasm being a danger signal that triggers the immune responses (PubMed:23258413, PubMed:23647843, PubMed:23722158). Binds cytosolic DNA directly, leading to activation and synthesis of cGAMP, a second messenger that binds to and activates TMEM173/STING, thereby triggering type-I interferon production (PubMed:23722158). cGAMP can be transferred between cells by virtue of packaging within viral particles contributing to IFN-induction in newly infected cells in a cGAS-independent but TMEM173/STING-dependent manner (PubMed:26229117).
Sequence Similarities: Belongs to the mab-21 family.
Post-Translational Modification: Polyglutamylated by TTLL6 at Glu-272, leading to impair DNA-binding activity. Monoglutamylated at Glu-302 by TTLL4, leading to impair the nucleotidyltransferase activity. Deglutamylated by AGBL5/CCP5 and AGBL6/CCP6.
Cellular Location: Cytoplasm > Cytosol.
UniProt: Q8C6L5
Synonyms: cGAMP synthase Antibody
cGAS Antibody
cGMP Synthase Antibody
Chromosome 6 open reading frame 150 Antibody
Cyclic GMP-AMP synthase Antibody
h-cGAS Antibody
Hypothetical protein LOC115004 Antibody
Mab 21 domain containing 1 Antibody
Mab-21 domain-containing protein 1 Antibody
MB21D1 Antibody
MGC131892 Antibody
MGC142166 Antibody
MGC142168 Antibody
OTTHUMP00000016743 Antibody
OTTHUMP00000039330 Antibody
protein MB21D1 Antibody
Uncharacterized protein C6orf150 Antibody

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